“This feels like the first step in a new journey,”

said new LEAD Grad, Jordan White as he was speaking to Co-Founders, Clint Bieri and Josh Franks. Jordan, Josh and Clint were speaking together after the LEAD graduation ceremony (the ceremony begins at the 12:35 mark in the live video) on August 15, 2020 at First Alliance Church in Columbus, Ohio. For Jordan and 13 other leaders their journey together has been an interesting one to say the least. Graduation is a moment where you realize that there will be first steps to take on a new journey. Jordan’s cohort class began their leadership journey in July of 2017. Jordan and his classmates were slated for a graduation in January of 2020. Not knowing what was ahead and because of logistics the ceremony was moved to March 2020. Once COVID-19 had brought the world to a halt, these students continued to be patient as we all waited to see what lasting impact Coronavirus was going to have on our lives. Finally, in August of 2020, Jordan, Tom, Amanda, Jaqi, Emily, Matthew, Danielle, Carey, Tyrone, Ken, Eduardo, Delilah and Paul graduated from The LEAD Program.

Jordan and his classmates had every reason to celebrate and he is right, this does feel like the first steps in a new journey.

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