Payment Portal Provides Control

We have always wanted a way for students to have control over the way they pay tuition. We have been searching for a tech solution for the last 3 years and now we finally have one! We now have a tech partner to provide you as a student with a payment portal to view your tuition payment information as well as update the how you pay! Some students are already in this system but most are not as we have been working out the kinks. All new students as of January 2021 were placed into our brand new student payment portal but those of you who are in Semesters 2-4 as of January 2021 are still in our Quickbooks Online system.

Want to move away from your credit card to your bank account? No problem! You can use an online bill pay through our payment portal.

Need to print our an invoice or print a receipt? We have you covered. The payment portal will give you options to view and print a receipt.

So here’s how this works…

Navigate to (save this link as a fav so you can find it easily), when prompted put in your email address. You will receive a code in your email that you will use to login. No password to remember! Simple. We believe the dashboard is really easy to understand and use but if you do have any questions just drop us a line!

Here’s to being in control of your tuition payment method 🤨. That’s nice.

PS. If you try and login and you don’t have any info to see but you have a payment plan, remember that you probably aren’t in the new system yet. Not to worry. We can move you over if you like. Just reach out to Pat and she can hook you up!

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