Student Conduct

Students are held to a Biblical conduct standard as they relate to themselves and those around them. These are the same standards that LEAD staff are held to. Each student is given a conduct policy at their Launch Retreat Weekend for their review. Download the Conduct Policy.


By Attending a LEAD retreat of any kind you are giving permission to The LEAD Program to use images, soundbites, quotes, video of you and/or your likeness. By giving feedback, papers, projects, forms whether online or at an event you are giving LEAD permission to use your written comments in marketing, promotions and current or future training content.

Withdraw from the program

In the event that a student must withdraw from The LEAD Program they must complete the Student Drop Form. This form is the trigger to the LEAD financial department to turn off recurring payments and for our Student Relations Team to reach out to you for a quick survey.

Re-entering the program

Students may re-enter at the next available retreat weekend and provided their is room available in the regional cohort. Students will begin with their new cohort at the retreat weekend. Re-entering students must a have a zero balance and be highly recommended by their local church.

Tuition refunds

There will be no refunds of tuition if you choose to withdraw from The LEAD Program.

Donation refunds

There will be no refunds of donations (unless there is a miscommunication on a donation amount). All donations to The LEAD Program are tax-exempt and a donation statement will be given for all donations of $200 or more. No goods or services will be given in exchange for a donation. Donations to LEAD Mission Trips will not be refunded unless there is some kind of error or miscommunication on the donation amount. If a student decides to withdraw from a trip or not complete the LEAD Missions Trip requirement, funds will be gifted to the team that the student would have gone with. Donors will not receive a refund in the event that a student withdraws from a trip.