Cohort Director, LEAD Payments and Reimbursements are really simple to do. All you need is your smartphone, a link, and healthy thumb!


Here you will find a PDF to download with steps and screen shots but below are the basics…



Every 3 months you will receive an email from us letting you know its time to complete your mid or end of semester review (this is an example – we will always email you the form that you need to complete). When you complete your semester review you will be prompted to let us know how many students are in your cohort and that you are submitting a bill to The LEAD Program. This is a check and balance in our system and we appreciate you doing this for us. Once you complete the form your payment will process in about 10 -12 days.

NOTE: make sure you are watching for the physical check that will be sent from our bank. These checks are little and not in an envelope like a traditional check. These are small and unmarked to beware that you don’t throw it away.


Reimbursements are simple in that you can fill out the reimbursement form, take pictures of your receipts, let us know a few notes on who you were meeting with and when, and press SUBMIT! You are done and CRUSHING reimbursements like never before. Remember you have 3 months to turn in a receipt and then you are out of luck (just to let you know… we don’t believe in luck, we believe in consequences for our actions like turning in receipts 6 months late because your spouse was mad at you and then hearing that you missed the deadline, but if we did believe in luck you would be out of it)!

NOTE: you don’t have to wait 3 months to submit a reimbursement for that coffee and coaching session or the books you bought for the program. You can use the handy form and your smartphone to submit your reimbursements as quickly as you want. Actually we want you to turn in your reimbursements quickly. It helps us a ton. So simply save the reimbursement form URL as a fav in your phone’s browser and then you will always have it by your side like a trusty dog but even better because you will NEVER have to clean up after it!

Here is the link to the reimbursement form: Form Link

So, Cohort Directors, if you have any questions you can reach out to Paula Jones and she will help you out.

If you have any receipts that need submitted… here is the link. Receipt snapping stardom awaits! 😉

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