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1. Submit an application

Every leadership journey begins with an application, accessed using any of the blue APPLY NOW buttons. Submitting this will begin the admissions process and your leadership journey.

2. Application Review

Once your application is processed, a member of our student relations team will reach out with any additional questions and your next steps.

3. Launch in your Cohort

If admitted into the program, we’ll get you through your final steps so you’ll be ready to launch into your cohort.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below, we’ve compiled the most frequently asked questions during the admissions process. If you need assistance along the way, please never hesitate to contact Student Relations.

Admissions Questions

What are the admissions requirements to apply for The LEAD Program?

  1. Recommended to the program by your local church Pastor
  2. Be at least 16 years old. Those who are seeking to be licensed by the C&MA must have a high school diploma or equivalent.

When do Cohorts Launch?

LEAD Cohorts launch at a retreat in either January or July.

When is the deadline to apply?

During this season of COVID-19 we are keeping application deadlines open until the week of our retreats. But in more normal circumstances applications must be submitted by November 15 for January launch and May 15 for July launch.

Where are the retreats?

Retreats are regionally organized by district of the C&MA. You can see upcoming launch weekend info on our events page.

Program Related Questions

How long is the program?

5 semesters. Each semester is 6 months long. 30 months from launch to graduation.

How many retreats are there?

There are 2 retreats which are covered in your tuition. The cost of travel getting to and from the retreats is paid by the student.

I have been on a mission trip before. Do I have to go on the one that LEAD has?

Yes. The LEAD Missions trip is a capstone experience that we desire each student to go on. We believe you will greatly benefit from this experience. If you have concerns you can talk with your Cohort Director or our director of international trips and they will guide you.

Can I transfer credits from another program or organization?

No. The Program is sequenced in a specific way that we believe maximizes effectiveness. So to come in late to the process or skip over bits will not serve you well. Also, the relationships with the other leaders in your cohort are vital to your journey and we want you to start at the beginning with those in your cohort.

Financial Questions

How much does the program cost?

Tuition can be broken down into as many as 6 payments in a semester.

Are there any scholarship opportunities?

The Scholarship Pathway for The Lead Program is 3 steps. Local Church, Alliance District, Chaffee Legacy Scholarship. To complete applications for scholarships visit

How much does it cost to apply?

The application fee is $29 for early application and $49 for regular application.

I have a person or an organization who wants to help with my tuition where can they send their contribution?

Financial support can be sent to The LEAD Program, PO Box 140 Centerburg, Ohio 43011. Contributions from Businesses or individuals (outside of your household) are tax deductible. You must have your financial supporter include a note along with their check that notes their support of you. It is also important to email our Student Relations team so they are aware of your support so that you can be billed correctly.