Have you had your prayers answered? We have. It’s amazing. It’s amazing when you pray for the job and you get it. It’s amazing when you pray for your friend to know Christ and they submit their lives to him. It’s amazing to ask the Lord of the harvest to send more workers into the harvest and then…He does. We have been praying Luke 10:2 at 10:02 AM for the last 10 years. We want to invite you to join us and here are three ways to get started….

  1. Pray Luke 10:02 at 10:02 AM every day for the place and people where you find yourself.
  2. Give $10.02 (Monthly, Weekly, or Daily) to aid in equipping the workers that you asking God for.
  3. Invite others to do the same.

Its been amazing to watch the Lord answer this prayer – that is really a promise that Jesus relays to his disciples. Basically, Jesus tells them (and us) that if they will ask the Lord of the harvest to provide more workers for the harvest and from the harvest, that He will do it.

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