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With more people than ever on social media platforms, how can we create content that connects and generates engagement? If we want to reach people in this COVID era we need to up our social media game. Thankfully, Brady Shearer from ProChurch Tools is here to help us engage with the 167 hours a week we aren’t in church.

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This episode first aired on Facebook LIVE, Periscope, and YouTube LIVE May 5, 2020.

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Show Notes:

  • 1:50- Intro Brady
  • 2:45- ProChurchTools Background
  • 6:00- How to look at engaging with people
  • 7:07- “Until we hit the other side of eternity, we are always taking more steps towards God.”
  • 8:00- ACDC strategy
    • Awareness- They know you exist
    • Connect- They like or comment
    • Decide- I want to try this out for myself; reach out and talk to a person
    • Commit- Become a subscriber
  • 9:32- “We don’t want to rush people along this progression (ACDC) too fast.”
  • 13:20- How to connect with people- Micro Content
  • 14:50- “Life with Christ isn’t a light switch; we have to see every part as a step by step process that we can move forward in.”
  • 16:20- The church has an advantage in the digital environment
  • 17:15- “It is all about the timely message being communicated in timely mediums”
  • 18:00- Repurposing one video to multiple platforms
  • 19:08- “New platforms will continue to pop up, and you can either tell the intern to learn them, or you can do the work to figure it out yourself.”
  • 20:15- How would a beginner get started on social media?
  • 21:30- Michael Jordan Analogy
  • 22:35- Easiest ways to get interaction on social media
  • 24:30- Understanding the algorithms behind social media
  • 26:12- Two things that drive engagement
  • 27:00- Pseudo-Outrage
  • 28:45- Different types of post generate different types of engagement
  • 30:35- “Are we generating engagement across all fronts?”
  • 31:55- “The great thing about social is that you have people voting on what they like with their clicks.”
  • 33:50- “There is no perfect social media strategy.”
  • 36:00- Jordan White Question about “Shaky Platforms”
  • 40:00- “Jump to the new platforms early, rather than later, because there are more rewards to be had than negatives.”
  • 42:05- What is the strategy going into a new platform, like TikTok?
  • 47:00- How do you strategize your time so that you aren’t spending all week in front of social media/recording stuff?
  • 49:56- Most people approach social media like they do announcements…should be approached like it is a small group
  • 50:30- Bob Bieri Question
  • 52:40- “It is so much easier to preach the gospel to people if you do it where they are.”
  • 53:00- Age demographics for each social platform
  • 55:00- How to release content
  • 59:00- How to be encouraged in a time of content creation
  • 1:00:01- “The big problem with digital ministry is that we don’t always know the impact that it is having.”
  • 1:02:25- Lindsay Wiggins Question: How to reach new people?
  • 1:04:38- What are examples of online ‘bridge events’ to bring new people in?
  • 1:08:20- Final Thoughts
    • Josh- Virtual is a word that shouldn’t mean ‘kind-of’…what you are doing online is for real people, and it really matters
    • Brady- Right now we are in a place of imbalance, where we aren’t meeting in person. That isn’t what the church is meant to be long term. Before this, we were imbalanced towards in-person. Hopefully, this time will bring balance between in-person and digital connections with people to minister to them.
    • Clint- We have opportunities, in social media, to try our best and fail. We get to learn, grow, and keep trying again. Sometimes, if you just fail hard, you just fail. We always have opportunities to develop great content if we are willing to fail.

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