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Is it still possible to preach a sermon and make an impact? Is preaching a sermon as we have for years a thing of the past? How do you know that your preaching is connecting with your people when you can’t see them? Pastor David Smith from Fairhaven Church in Centerville, Ohio joins Clint and Josh on LEAD Live to discuss preaching to a digital congregation.

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This episode first aired on Facebook LIVEPeriscope, and YouTube LIVE April 23, 2020.

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  • 3:00- Pastor David Smith @Dktbpb
  • 5:00- How do you prepare for digital sermons/ministry?
  • 7:30– Explain how things have shifted with COVID-19
  • 10:00- How do you engage with the camera, while in a room by yourself?
  • 10:20- “I try to treat the camera like I’m looking at a loved one”
  • 11:30- How has your preparation for sermons changed?
  • 12:10- “After my prep is finished, and I was on the other side of the camera, would I have something I’d want to respond to?”
  • 13:40- How should worship look on stage?
  •  19:00- Webpage is no longer a billboard, but a Foyer
  • 20:45- “The digital platform isn’t just a window into the church, it is an opportunity for discipleship.”
  • 22:30- How to carry yourself when presenting/preaching online
  • 23:55- “Try to stay away from notes, and try to ‘mind-map’ your sermon so that it can come across as a conversation.”
  • 24:40- “If things aren’t said perfectly, it’s ok. If you make a mistake, own it, and move on. It makes you feel very, very personal to the viewer.”
  • 26:00- “Watch your cadence. On camera, people tend to talk a lot faster than they normally do.”
  • 28:35- “There is a new language to use on a digital platform. Instead of saying ‘Good Morning’, use, ‘Glad you are here’”
  • 29:25- How can a smaller church implement these online tools?
  • 30:00- “You can do an awful lot with a smartphone”
  • 31:10- “The good news about pre-recording is that you can do it again, and again, and again. The third one might be your best one!”
  • 32:05- Clint mentions the LEAD Live conversation about tech equipment
  • 33:20- “Churches have to get to the place where they don’t feel bad about purchasing equipment.”
  • 34:40- How do you use notes/cue cards for preaching digitally
  • 37:05- How do you set up your preaching area? How far should the camera be from you?
  • 38:17- “The closer you are to the camera, the more intimate it becomes”
  • 41:05- “Know your lane. If you get out of your lane when it comes to tech stuff, people will notice…if you try to do more than you are capable of doing, then it will look like a dog and pony show, and the intimacy will be gone.”
  • 42:15- “The live aspects of a digital platform are tough. If you don’t have the horses to pull it off, just pre-record and put it on youtube.”
  • 42:40- let’s talk about what happens after people consume your content, how do you engage with people?
  • 45:00- What do you say to ministry leaders who don’t want to ‘stoke the flames’ of digital consumption?
  • 45:42- “Think about your digital face-time as your new pastoral care, and it suddenly becomes less cumbersome.”
  • 46:15- “Even if you hate being behind a camera, they love you behind that camera.”
  • 47:20- How do we help congregation members who are not so tech-savvy?
  • 50:20- How do you take prayer requests?
  • 53:10- Final Thoughts

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