Raising Up Leaders

From the Harvest,
For the Harvest

In 2013 Clint Bieri & Josh Franks heard from Jesus that the way to change the world was to raise up the next generation of ministry leaders and do it in a way that was affordable, accessible, and approved. More men and women who are equipped as ministry leaders is what will bring hope to a world which is in desperate need. Jesus told us to pray to the Lord of the harvest that He would raise up more workers. They began praying and Jesus invited them to equip those that he was raising up. We believe each of our students is an answer to this Luke 10:2 prayer request.

It is my hope and prayer that more young men and women would step into the story God has written for them in their lives.

Rev. Malcolm MeLoughlinGraduate / Ordained Alliance Worker

When you become a LEAD student
you gain a cohort of Friends


The LEAD Program has partnered with The Christian and Missionary Alliance as well as Alliance colleges and seminaries.

These partnerships ensure that licensing standards are not only met but exceeded. As well, partnerships with Alliance schools allow our graduates to continue their education into undergraduate and graduate programs. READ MORE CTA linked to /partners page.