Retreat Details:

Power of Relationships is a retreat experience created by The LEAD Program and brought to you by the South Central District of The Christian and Missionary Alliance.  This overnight retreat is for Ordinands & Consecrants to grow in their leadership of themselves and those they lead. This retreat meets a requirement for Ordination / Consecration.

During Relational Leadership Weekend, Ordinands / Consecrants will experience a training called Power of Relationships. Each participant (married or single) will be trained in relational awareness using SDI 2.0 by Core Strengths. Combined with the SDI assessment tool, each participant will engage with the following topics – Core Motivations, Core Strengths, Conflict Management, and Resolution. It is extremely important to know yourself well and the core motivations and strengths of the leaders around you. Core Strengths is a powerful tool that will help you change your view of yourself and others.

Relational Leadership Weekend is a workshop environment. Hundreds of leaders have benefited from this retreat weekend and report that it has made their relationships better! We expect that the Lord will impact you in similar ways.

South Central District Relational Leadership Weekend (RLW) 2024

  • The retreat begins at 1p on Saturday afternoon, April 27.
  • The retreat will be completed by 4p Sunday afternoon, April 28.
  • Retreat Location is the Alliance South Central District office in Arlington, TX.


  • The Alliance South Central District subsidizes the cost of this retreat. We also highly encourage you to ask your local church to help defer some of the remaining costs.
  • The cost is $560 for a couple or $280 for a single. Please note: you are responsible for the entire amount due, regardless of the arrangements you make with your district or your local church.


Travel to and from Relational Leadership Weekend, dinner on Saturday night, and Lodging is NOT INCLUDED in the price and is the participants’ responsibility. Snacks during the retreat and lunch on Sunday are INCLUDED in the registration price.


  • Ordinands / Consecrants are to bring their spouse to the retreat (if applicable).
  • Each participant must complete the Core Strengths SDI 2.0 Assessment and review associated web pages BEFORE coming to the retreat.
  • Once you have registered and paid (on or before March 15, 2024), links to the online assessment tools will be sent to your email account (and to your spouse’s – if applicable). These assessments must be completed before April 15, 2024. You are responsible for completing these assessments to be prepared for the weekend.