Cohort Directors

Cohort Directors drive the effectiveness of the LEAD Program. If you have a heart for equipping the next generation of ministry leaders, we would love for you to consider becoming a LEAD Cohort Director!

Cohort Director Profile

A Cohort Director should be a facilitator-coach rather than a teacher-professor.
A Cohort Director should have at least five years of ministry experience.
A Cohort Director should have margins to accommodate the time demands of investing in future leaders.
A Cohort Director should be recommended by their C&MA district




  • The first 2 years, the Cohort Director will work through all content with their cohort.



  • 3 hour cohort gathering.
  • Cohort gatherings consist of (catching up, processing course content, further explanation of topics being covered, preparation/ information for the next cohort gathering.
  • Coaching calls/face-to-face meetings with leaders for 1 hour. One coaching session per month.
  • Grading assignments about 2-3 hours per month.



  • Retreats at the beginning of Semester 1 and 3
  • Meeting with your Regional Director and other Cohort Directors during the semester (about 1 meeting per month)

Equipping Ministry Leaders

“The LEAD Program is the best leadership development tool of its kind”

Rev. John Sappia

Estimated Time Required

A Cohort Director will put in the following number of hours per month during their first 2 years, and no less than 10 hours per month thereafter.

  • Cohort Gathering – 3 hours
  • Coaching Meetings – 1 hour per student
  • Grading – 2-3 hours per month
  • Learning and reviewing course content (first 2 years) – 10 hours
  • Learning and reviewing course content (Year 3+) – 2 hours
Expectations of a Cohort Director PDF


Raising up the next generation of ministry leaders isn’t only about our students, it’s about our leadership. Watch as four generations of Cohort Directors – Rick Toburen, Les MacMahan, Roger Jones and Joy Cochran talk about raising up generational ministry leadership.


The cost of Cohort Director Training is $1000 and is usually covered by Cohort Directors’ Alliance District or parent agency. Go ahead and register as a Cohort Director but know that you will be sent to a payment page so you can either pay yourself or pass along to your partner organization or Alliance District. You will also receive an email with the some info to pass along. If you need any assistance please drop a note in the chat at the bottom right of the screen and our team will connect with you.