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Founder of The Christian and Missionary Alliance, A.B. Simpson, was no stranger to crisis. He was formed through and for it. During his entire ministry, there was uncertainty, but there was also the call of God to share the gospel with the “Unreached Masses” of the world. Author and Historian, David Jones joins Clint and Josh to talk about the Life of Albert Benjamin Simpson and learn from his leadership in Crisis.

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This episode first aired on Facebook LIVE, Periscope, and YouTube LIVE May 14, 2020.

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Show Notes:

  • 3:20- Welcome David & Intro
  • 5:40- Intro to A.B.’s Life/ Crises
  • 8:45- A.B. as a sickly pastor
  • 9:25- “When A.B. was in crisis, he prayed.”
  • 11:20- A.B.’s Baptism
  • 13:40- A.B.’s Preaching Style
  • 17:20- A.B. During the Civil War
  • 18:45- A.B.’s Self-Awareness
  • 21:00- Announcement of A.B. Masterclass
  • 21:30- A.B.’s experience in Kabinda
  • 27:00- A.B.’s attempt at self-sufficient missions
  • 32:10- The Boston Globe’s attempt at defamation
  • 34:10- “If you guys want to do things for Jesus, you have to be willing to make errors.”
  • 37:15- A.B. was open to being inexperienced, yet bold
  • 39:40- A.B.’s attempt to reach South America
  • 43:00- “A.B. Simpson had seen other mission organizations with massive staff costs, and decided that the C&MA needed to be lean and mean.”
  • 48:30- Intimacy with Christ fueled A.B.’s ability to persevere in crisis
  • 50:15- Any other leadership crises in A.B.’s life?
  • 50:35- 1906 Azusa Street Movement and A.B.’s response
  • 55:23- How did A.B. lead an organization when people are abandoning him?
  • 57:50- Importance of keeping it Jesus only
  • 1:00:08- End of A.B.’s Life
  • 1:06:15- Final Thoughts
    • Josh-Just like A.B., we don’t have to have it all together, but it is important to develop self-awareness so we can better learn how to rely on Christ to sustain us.
    • David- First thing A.B. did was pray, and we should follow that example. He would then clear his head, deal with the situation honestly, and don’t be aggressive and bulldoze people. Face the challenge ahead and do not quit!
    • Clint- Continue to pursue growth as a leader. Feedback can hurt, but it is an amazing opportunity for growth in our ability to follow Christ and lead others. 2nd thought- You never see A.B. begging for more followers or money. He just continues to follow Jesus, and results follow despite the crises that were a part of his life.

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