The LEAD Program uses a unique blend of online learning, seminars, retreats, practicums, book reading, and Scripture memorization. The entire journey is guided by a certified Cohort Director and processed in a cohort of peers. We want to help equip you as well as other men and women to take their ministry leadership to the next level.

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COHORTS: Journey Together

Students work through the LEAD Program in small groups called cohorts. Cohorts are made up of 5-8 people who meet once a month for Cohort Gatherings. Students may be able to meet locally, or join digitally because of distance. Every cohort is led by a trained Cohort Director.

SEMESTERS: Paced Learning

The LEAD Program is 5 semesters broken down over two and a half years. A semester is made up of 6 months, with students having new assignments and meetings every month. Every semester ends with a one month break before the next semester begins.

RETREATS: Give Awareness

At the beginning of Semesters 1 and 3 students will retreat with their cohort. Launch weekend is how the lead journey begins. These are regionalized retreats. The beginning of Semester 3 students will attend the relational leadership weekend with their spouse if they are married.

COACHING: Individual Attention

During the semester, a student will meet one hour monthly with their Cohort Director for individual, ongoing development and practical implementation.

TIME: Monthly Breakdown

It has been averaged out that with all the coursework, reading, paper writing, and your monthly cohort gathering, the LEAD Program requires around 18-22 hours a month. That’s like setting aside one night a week for 4 hours.