Dan Scarrow
Dan Scarrow$100 was given to honor Dan's legacy.
Dan has had a HUGE impact on me. His commitment to developing leaders around him is contagious. I am thrilled to honor his leadership!
Matt Meredino
Matt Meredino$100 was given to honor Matt's legacy.
Matt was my high school Youth Pastor, mentor, and friend. I wouldn’t be a pastor without Matt’s leadership in my life!
Mark & Julie Thomas
Mark & Julie Thomas$100 was given to honor Mark & Julie's legacy.
Mark and Julie have been wonderful friends over the years and we wouldn’t be the followers of Jesus we are today without their love and influence!
Janet Skinner
Janet Skinner$100 was given to honor Janet's legacy.
Janet has been a rock in my world! Her ministry of worship and music has blessed my life and has taught me how to be a true worshiper.