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The LEAD Program uses a unique blend of online learning, seminars, retreats, practicums, book reading, and Scripture memorization, all guided by a Cohort Director and processed in a cohort of peers, in order equip men and women to take their ministry leadership to the next level.

Download the full LEAD Scope & Sequence document here!


Students work through the LEAD program in small groups called cohorts. Cohorts are made up of 5-8 people who meet once a month for Cohort Gatherings. Students may be able to meet locally, or call in virtually because of distance. Every cohort is led by a trained Cohort Director.

Semester Breakdown

The LEAD Program is 5 semesters broken down over 2 and a half years. A semester is made up of 6 months, with students having new assignments and meetings every month.

Every semester ends with a one month break before the next semester begins.


The beginning of each year of the program (Semester 1 and Semester 3), starts off with a retreat. The very first meeting students have together is Launch Weekend, where all new students will gather together for an overnight retreat – allowing them to meet the members of their cohort and Cohort Director for the first time, as well as the other students of launching cohorts, and the staff members of the LEAD Program.

When students begin their second year, they gather together again for the Relational Leadership Retreat, but this time their spouses are invited to join them! They can catch up with the other cohorts, introduce their fellow cohort members to their family, and learn motivational systems that can affect their communication and interaction with their future ministries, and their spouses.


A few tools the program utilizes are:

  • Lessons from ChristianUniversity.org
  • An online classroom portal called Canvas
  • A series of books to help further discussion and bring light to the topics being studied. You can find the book list: HERE.
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