Start Your Journey

We are glad you are desiring to be better equipped as a ministry leader. The LEAD Program is a two and a half year leadership journey that will propel you to a different vantage point in your walk with the Lord Jesus, the way in which you engage the world around you, your ability to be an individual who sees generations of disciples being made, and your ability to think and act strategically about reaching our lost world.

After receiving your completed application, your information will be passed along to the Executive Team who will review your information and qualifications for LEAD. It will be their goal to discern if this program is a correct fit for you at this time in your leadership journey. You will receive email confirmation of your application status within 30 days of your submission. If you are accepted into the program you will receive instructions for completing the next phase of your journey with LEAD.

This application takes around one hour to fully complete. There are questions that include giving a testimony of your faith, ministry background, and references.

LEAD launches new cohorts of students every January and July.


There is a fee associated with LEAD application submissions. It is currently Regular Registration for the January 2019 Launch, where that fee is $49.

Registration for the January 2019 Launch will end on November 15th.

If you are interested in joining the July 2019 launch, please wait until November 16th to apply, when Early Registration will reopen with the $29 fee.


LEAD treats your personal and confidential information with appropriate care and security. Your information will not be passed on to any other source without your express written consent and we will treat personal contact information as confidential for the purpose of participation and communication during LEAD.